The Workforce In 2030!

As fall begins, we hope you are gearing up to finish out 2019 strong.  As you squeeze in the final long weekend trip or start to enjoy the crisp fall weather, we hope you will begin to consider your staffing plans for 2020.  To get you started in the right direction, check out this article with some BOLD predictions for how the workforce might look in 2030.  

Success Spotlight 

Tyndale USA …….

Tyndale USA, a manufacturer of flame-resistant clothing and managed apparel services, has reached out to The Job Exchange each fall for the past eight years as they ramp up their call center/customer service department for their busy season from October 1 through April 1. Their available positions need candidates with call center/customer service experience along with excellent computer systems experience. Also, being bilingual in Spanish is an asset.

When The Job Exchange starts working on these temporary positions, which can last from 6-9 months, our biggest challenges are the tight labor market, Tyndale’s location in Pipersville, PA, just north of Doylestown, and the hours which are 10 am to 7:30 pm. We start by focusing on finding candidates from the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area since the pay rate for similar work is lower in that area and it is an easy commute to Pipersville and then we also focus on candidates who find the shift work to be an advantage. Of course, this type of project also involves talking to a lot of potential candidates to find the best ones available.

One advantage The Job Exchange has in recruiting candidates for Tyndale USA is the fact that they have been named a Top Workplace in the Philadelphia area for the last three years.

Each fall, The Job Exchange places anywhere from three to five candidates in these roles. Tyndale has told us we are their agency of choice for their call center/customer service roles since our candidates are a much higher quality than other agencies.

Our relationship with Tyndale is truly a partnership. When The Job Exchange partners with an employer who values our work and values their employees, we have a very high success rate for all parties(employer, agency and candidates) included.

News You Can Use

4 Bold Predictions for 2030 Workforce
(And how you can prepare)
– Traditional Four-year Degree Enrollment Will Drop by 15-20 Percent
– Income Share Agreements Will Rival Student Loans
– Memories Will Be Harvested
– Employers Will Pay You to Leave (aka the “Resignation Bonus”)
How to Interview Millenials:
(Check out the Anti-Ghosting Toolkit)
– Tell Them What to Expect
– Gauge Coachability
– Rethink Experience-based Questions
– Speak Their Language
– Look at the Big Picture
– When You Find the Good Ones, Lend a Hand