We, at The Job Exchange, hope you are staying well and trying to remain in good spirits during these unprecedented times. For us, this has been a time to reflect, support one another and try to find ways to help make our jobs a little more manageable as we move forward in this “new reality”.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced most employees to embrace remote work, the impact on employees and managers has been significant. Recruiters and hiring managers have also now been tasked with finding new talent and the change from in-person to video-only interviewing has become a reality.

While video interviews aren’t a new concept, some recruiters and hiring managers may not be as familiar with video conferencing technology and conducting video interviews remotely. Technical difficulties can be all-too-common and behavioral cues can be harder to read via a video.

Below is a link to video interviews tips to help your hiring managers and recruiters conduct a seamless video interview. We hope you find the information helpful and welcome your thoughts and any tips that have worked within your organization!

 7 Tips for Conducting a Seamless Video Job Interview

What Lori Says:

(lessons from interviews with candidates via video) 

Since mid-March, I have interviewed about 25 candidates via Zoom. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but I really think the video interview is as good as an in-person interview. I am finding that if a candidate is good, they’ll do a good job video interviewing and if the candidate is average, then that will come through via the video interview also. I am sure this tool will be part of our process moving forward. 

What Clients Say

(hear from real employers who are using video interviews)

“I believe that video interviewing is 100% better than phone interviews for the initial interview. The only negative we had were some technical issues on our end. I think video interviews will be part of our “new normal” in the interviewing process.”

Tish Burkholz, Manager, Participant Services, Healthcare Strategies, Inc.

“When we received the stay at home orders in early March, we were in the middle of recruiting for four open positions.  Video interviewing allowed us to continue the process.  If it weren’t for that option, we would have been 60 – 90 days behind in our recruiting.  It was a life saver for us in terms of getting positions filled.”

Karen Ritthamel, Tracking Support Supervisor, 3SI Security Systems

What Candidates Say:

(pros and cons from real life candidates participating in interviews)  

-The interview takes place in a familiar environment which helps set a calmer tone.
– Video interviewing is more forgiving with signs of discomfort or nerves since only a square of the upper body is visible.
– Video interviewing saves money and time by removing the drive to the interview location. 
– It’s a greater challenge to fully express your personality.
– Technology related difficulties can interrupt the interview.
– The interviewee cannot fully experience the interviewers and their workplace.

– Abigail, candidate for accounting assistant role 

“I’ve been utilizing this for much longer than through the quarantine, from an employer and candidate perspective. It’s a great way to utilize tools that are available to us in this day and age while being convenient, effective and cost efficient. It also allows for a more diverse talent pool while recruiting or looking for a new career.”

Kelly, candidate for HR Generalist role

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