Ghosting & A Look Ahead!

As you may have seen, The Job Exchange has a new look online.  We have recently launched a new website designed to now make searching for roles and viewing employer resources that much easier!  We invite you to take a look at our new website HERE.
With the economy becoming stronger, the chances of candidates ghosting employers is becoming more common.  Please read the article below to learn how to prevent this from happening to you!


Success Spotlight

 StonePoint Materials, CEO, Colin Oerton, reached out to The Job Exchange right after the new year looking for an executive assistant for his newly formed company StonePoint Materials.  Colin had worked with The Job Exchange while CEO of his previous company, VantaCore Partners.  Colin needed someone with a strong technical skill set but also someone whose personality fit with all the C-suite executives as he built his new team and company. 


StonePoint Materials… 

StonePoint needed someone to keep multiple tasks on schedule, use tact and judgment, and preserve confidentiality of sensitive information.  The role was focused on performing a wide variety of complex, responsible, and confidential administrative duties for the CEO and leadership team (COO, CFO, and VP Business Development). 

After interviewing many executive assistants, The Job Exchange ultimately presented a candidate with more than 15 years of experience and expertise in the areas of corporate financial operation processes who is highly committed to identifying and addressing the needs of account holders while achieving superior levels of satisfaction. The candidate was also a creative problem solver with expertise in administrative and operational management. 

From the first interview, both parties knew they had found what they needed. Danielle Z. had found a challenging position and StonePoint Materials had found a professional and experienced executive assistant to help them grow the company. 

We are happy to report both parties are pleased with their match.

News You Can Use

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Ghosting – Prevent candidates who accept your offer from disappearing:
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– Ghosting in business is getting worse. The Washington Post reports that there was a 10- 20 percent increase in ghosting over the past year.
– If you’re not familiar with the term ghosting, during recruiting, it’s when a candidate stops merely responding to their recruiter.