2020 Is Off To A Great Start!

As you may be experiencing, there is continued low unemployment and high competition in the job market. During this time, we are continuing to supply our clients with the best possible prospective employees and fostering long term placements. If you are experiencing any struggles in finding the right candidate for your job opening, we hope you consider us. 

Success Spotlight 

Ferrandino & Son ….. 

Ferrandino & Son, a national facility maintenance company, has reached out to The Job Exchange for the past two years to support their invoice processing department for the busy snow removal season from November 1 through March 31. They request up to 12 temporary employees with invoice processing and data entry experience along with excellent computer systems experience.

When The Job Exchange starts working on these temporary positions, our biggest challenge is the tight labor market. Our database of almost 37,000 candidates in the Montgomery, Chester and Delaware counties provides us with a pool of candidates from which we can start souring immediately. Of course, this type of project involves talking to a lot of potential candidates to find the best ones available. 

The project this year has been a great success as The Job Exchange placed 9 temporary workers in these roles. Additionally, Ferrandino has expressed interest in converting four of the temporary employees to their permanent staff. Ferrandino has worked with other larger staffing firms for these roles but has been pleased with our quality of candidates and the personal customer service we provide to our clients.

Our relationship with Ferrandino is truly a partnership. When The Job Exchange partners with an employer who values our work and values their employees, we have a very high success rate for all parties(employer, agency and candidates) included.

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